Eat, Drink, and Be Married

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Make your wedding day or wedding shower extra unforgettable by giving your guests a chance to write their well wishes, fondest memories, and best advice in this fill-in-the-blank guest book. People won’t have to stress about trying to figure out what to write, as each page provides a prompt with a few spaces to fill in their thoughts—they’ll just flip through the book until they find a prompt they love! Once finished, they’ll sign their name at the bottom so you’ll always know who wrote what. With a beautifully designed cover and a tear-out instruction page, this book is sure to make you laugh and smile for years to come with prompts such as these: Some say love is all you need. But in my opinion, __________ never hurts either; A good marriage is like good ________—it only gets better with time; Some of the craziest advice I’ve ever heard was this: __________. But I think it’s more important to _________. Hardcover 128 pgs, Illustrations throughout / Weddings