The Power of Gratitude

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365 Daily Devotional. Gratitude is a powerful weapon against toxic emotions like envy, resentment, and frustration. Being grateful also improves physical and relational health, helping individuals boost self-esteem and decrease self-pity. When people focus on the things they are grateful for, their satisfaction in life increases. Comparisons cease. Unnecessary pursuits pause. And they begin to notice things that truly matter. Life. Breath. Generosity. Beauty. Grace. This is where deep connection with God is found. As you read these devotions and Scriptures, be inspired to live with gratitude in your heart and praise on your lips. Meditate on things that produce life and peace. Evaluate each day in the light of God’s truth and stand in awe of a heavenly Father who gives abundantly more than you can ask or imagine. As you quiet yourself before him, experience the goodness of his presence and be refreshed with his life-giving joy. Features: faux leather cover, 384 pages, ribbon marker