Simpson's Sheep Just Want to Sleep!

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WINNER, 2018 NEBRASKA BOOK AWARD -- Children's Picture Book Category ''These stubborn sheep,'' the farmer sighs, ''won't open up their sleepy eyes. But I know how to wake this crowd. I'll make some noise and make it loud.'' From pounding on pots and pans to playing a screechy violin, Farmer Simpson makes all sorts of commotion to wake up his flock of sleepy sheep, but nothing works! Then Farmer Simpson gets a brilliant idea -- he decides to bring home a puppy who will surely be able to wake the snoozing sheep with its loud barks. But the farmer is in for a surprise -- his sheep wake up, but not in ways he expected! Author and illustrator Bruce Arant presents a tender tale about the virtues of using a gentle nudge when friends won't budge. Ages 3 to 8. Full color picture book. Hardcover with dust jacket. 8-3/4'' wide x 11-1/4'' high. 32 pages. Bruce Arant brings his sh